Terms and Conditions

(November 28, 2022)

No terms of service can cover every issue that may arise during the relationship between foundryserver.com and the end user. If an issue arises that is not covered by the following terms, it the right of foundryserver.com to do whatever is necessary to maintain the integrity and viability of the business and other relationships. We will endeavour to first engage in meaningful dialogue whenever possible to try to fix any situation that may come to be before resorting to terminating the account. In short, play nice, don't steal, and pay your bills and you will have a great experience with foundryserver.com.

Foundry VTT is a separate legal entity and to use their software, you must agree to their terms of service. We are not permitted to change or suspend those terms. We can only extend the terms as so far as it applies to the "service" we provide. We are under obligation to permit only one license key per account. We will not be held liable in any way for damages that may occur because of the use of Foundry VTT. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is handled by Foundry VTT within the application itself.
There can be up to four cookies set in your browser while visiting foundryserver.com. They are:

  • Google.com -> captchka/fonts
  • Foundryserver.com -> authentication (expire after 60 min)
  • Stripe.com -> credit card processor identification
  • Webflow.com -> website builder
These are not optional cookies. They are required to use the functionality of the website. If you don't agree with these cookies being placed, please close your account and leave the website.
Foundryserver.com does everything in its control to ensure email communication is delivered to the end user. We can't control what ends up or doesn't end up in your inbox. Please look in your Spam/Promotions folders as our email does end up there quite frequently. We use Discord.com for a real time chat community and all-important notices or announcements are always posted there. It is highly recommended you join our community. Each user account on the foundryserver.com website also has an inbox where any important notices are also posted.
All website source code and content are the sole property of foundryserver.com and may not be used without expressed written permission. Users may not upload to foundry servers any material that they do not have the expressed permission to use. Users found to have violated international copyright law will have their account suspended until the offending material has been removed. Noncompliance will result in immediate account termination without notice. See termination.
Upon a credit card payment decline, the credit card provider will send via email a notice of non payment. The user account will be marked “Expired” and not available for game play. It is important that you correct the credit card situation with your bank asap. The credit card provider will try 7 times to secure payment for a valid subscription over 7 days. If no payment is obtained, the account will be marked “Suspended” and will no longer be available for game play. After 30 days of suspension the account will be terminated without notice. See termination.

If you are having issues with payment please contact support so we can attempt to help. We would hate to lose a good customer just because of a timing issue with the banks.
Keep Alive Scripts
Any user or users' players engaging in any kind of reverse engineering or scripting of the website and/or game hosting service will have their account suspended. If after 7 days of noncompliance the user account will be terminated without notice. See termination.
User Data Security
The security, integrity, and availability of user game data is solely the responsibility of the end user. A backup and restoration service is provided as convenience only. We make no warranty or guarantee of the security, integrity, or availability of end user data at any time. It is up to the end user to have a known working copy of their user game data at home.
Privacy Policy
We value your privacy. We do not share any identifiable information to 3rd parties unless one the following conditions are met.

  • Reasonable request by a recognized legal authority during an investigation of a crime and/or fraud. We do not require a subpoena just proof of legal authority.
  • Permission is granted by the owner of the personal information.
We do not sell, barter, or give away any identifiable information at any time. We do not keep your credit card on file this is handled by our credit card provider, Stripe.com. We encrypt, using standard encryption libraries, your password only.
Credit Card Fraud
Our credit card processor has built in fraud detection and prevention. If a user account is suspected of credit card fraud by either the credit card processor or by manual audit and review the user account will be terminated immediately. See Termination.
Offensive Material
At the discretion of foundryserver.com any material found to be:

  • morally offensive to the public at large
  • illegal for example but not limited to, child pornography etc.
  • outside the reasonable realm of the fantasy genre.
  • by default, if your mom would be offended.
The offending material will be removed, and the end user notified. If this continues to be an issue the account will be terminated immediately without notice. See termination.
Upon termination the following will be done:

  • Account marked deleted on stripe.com (credit card processor). Billing will cease immediately; any prorated amounts will not be refunded.
  • User data will be permanently removed.
  • Backup date will be permanently removed.
  • User account data removed from the database.
  • Username will be frozen and not reusable for 30 days.
  • An email will be sent to confirm the account termination.
  • Termination CANNOT be undone. This process is final.