Terms and Conditions
Foundryserver.com, also referenced as “we”, is a hosting company and as such our terms of "service" follow that model. In essence, we provide digital storage, access to the internet, CPU, ram, and security for your Foundry VTT instance. This is what we call "service". All other tools are therefore convenience only and do not constitute as being part of the "service".

The internet is a network of companies co-operating together to facilitate the transfer of information around the globe. There are redundancies in place to prevent outages. However, outages occur every day affecting the quality of "service" for people. The speed or quality of the internet for this "service" is subject to many factors that are outside of our control. We do not warrant or guarantee any level of "service" once it has left our control.

Backup services are provided as a convenience only. It is always your responsibility to ensure you always have a working copy of your game content. We will not guarantee your content in either backup or live data form.
Use of Software
Foundry VTT is a separate legal entity and to use their software, you must agree to their terms of service. We are not permitted to change or disregard those terms. We can only extend the terms as so far as it applies to the "service" we provide. We are under obligation to permit only one license key per account. We will not be held liable in any way for damages that may occur as a result of the use of Foundry VTT. Digital Rights Management(DRM) is handled by Foundry VTT within the application itself.

Any external software or websites that we may reference, will each have corresponding terms of service that you must agree to as well if you use them. We do, to the best of our ability, ensure they are reputable services, however, we cannot make any guarantees of any kind and are not liable for any damages that may occur while using these programs or websites.

The website (front end), which includes all digital content, is protected by copyright. No content shall be used for any other purposes without express written permission. The only content that may be used without permission is content that is on the "Promotions" page. You may use these images(unaltered) and links on other sites to reference back to Foundryserver.com.

The back-end custom software, configuration files are also protected by copyright and may not be accessed, copied, modified, or destroyed in any way.

We follow industry standards to the best of our ability to ensure a secure "service" for your content. We do not make any guarantees that we are secure and "hacker" proof. We will not in any way be held hostage by ransomware or like kinds of malware. We will simply delete all content and rebuild. You will be responsible for restoring your content from backups that you have in your personal possession.
Account Information
We take your privacy very seriously and we make every effort to protect it.
What we will do:
  1. Encrypt your login password using industry-standard encryption.
  2. Only collect the necessary personal information to ensure we adhere to local laws.
  3. Never see or store your credit card details. That is handled by Stripe.com.
  4. Never sell, lend, or barter your personal details to other entities without expressed client permission.
  5. We place two cookies in your browser. One to facilitate an authenticated (logged in) state. The second is your language preference. We do not use cookies for advertising tracking or 3rd party tracking of any kind.
  6. At times Foundry VTT will ask for anonymous usage information. This information is amalgamated and sent off to Foundry VTT on a one-off basis. No identifying information is sent. Some of the information requested could be, how many 5e rule sets are installed? How many game worlds are installed that use 5e? That is the nature of the type of requested information.
  7. All personal information will be turned over (without subpoena) to any legal authority showing significate cause.
  8. We will not create access logs for your gaming instance unless requested by a legal authority to do so. We will create and analyze access logs for the main website.
Your digital assets will always remain under your full ownership and control. Foundryserver.com will never impede access to, change, delete or copy your digital content unless it is deemed to be in violation of international copyright laws. We reserve the right to view all digital content that is on our infrastructure. You may not upload, distribute, or use a material that you do not have permission to do so. All complaints of copyright violation will be investigated, and the offending material will be removed immediately. For repeated infractions, without notice, the account will be deleted along with all content and the user banned from the use of the "service".