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Why people choose Foundryserver.com

Awesome customer support

Using email and our Discord channel we aim to provide the best support possible for our community. Most questions are answered within minutes!

State of the art facilities

We host our infrastructure with a tier-one cloud provider. They have a presence all around the world and are adding new infrastructure all the time.

Priced competitively to provide top of the line infrastructure

In order to provide the best possible performance, you have to have the best possible resources!

Engaged community

Our focus is on building an engaged and vibrant community of members. Hosting many events, training sessions, and give-a-ways.

We were one of the first

Foundryserver.com was one of the first to provide hosting for Foundry VTT. We have been in it since the very beginning. We have a lot of hard-won experience and knowledge.

Canadian made!

We are a small Canadian-based company. We live on the west coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island, BC.