About us

Who is Dax?
My name is Brad, I am 55 and I live in British Columbia Canada. I have two grown boys and a loving wife. I love to fly fish and play 5e Dungeons & Dragons. Ok, I like to program as well ;)
Why did I create Foundryserver.com?
The answer is pretty simple actually. I have a great deal of networking experience and I can navigate my way around most home internet routers. One evening I was trying to help a fellow from Europe set up port forwarding for his foundry game on his home computer. It took us over 3 hours of trying. In the end, we could not get it to work. His internet provider had to make changes to make it work. There has to be a better way right? How hard can it be to just set up a server where people can run their games, right? Boy, I sure wasn't prepared for the journey I was about to embark on.
When did I start?
I started in January of 2020. My plan was to launch at the same time as Foundry was released. I launched the site and landed flat on my face. No one could get their games to start! I was so embarrassed but I found the issue and got everyone up and running. Realizing that I had a way to go before I had a stable service and people were tight on money due to Covid 19, I decided to keep the site in beta until the end of summer. Through the generosity of the membership, we were able to cover most of the costs by donations.
What is the Mission Statement?
Create a hosting environment that is as close as possible to your home computer. To give you as much control over your game as possible. So that's the official statement. The real mission is to meet cool people from all over the world and hang out with them in Discord. Being able to share my love of D&D and tech in one place is a dream come true.
What's next?
The focus of the next phase of development will be community building. Any improvements or additions to the site will all focus on that. My goal is to engage more with the user base and get back into playing D&D.
There is only just me running this enterprise. However, there are a handful of volunteers that I couldn't do without. I want to thank them each for the time they spend on Discord helping people out. You will meet these great people on our Discord as moderators. If you get a chance, stop in, say "hi," and thank them for their hard work.