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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my credit card information safe for transactions on
We use an external credit card processor, Stripe Payment Systems. They clear over 200 million purchases each day around the world. Amazon, Google, Uber, and Microsoft are all companies that also use Stripe Payment Systems. Stripes unique way of processing the payment means that your credit card number is never kept on our servers. We DO NOT keep your credit card details on our servers at ANY time. Everything is kept on Stripes infrastructure which is world class in security, privacy and reliability. More information about Stripe Payment Systems can be found here:
How can I find the charge on my statement?
You will see a charge on your statement with the heading "".
What do I do if my credit card is declined?
Contact your financial institution to find out if there is a problem with your card and remedy the situation if there is one. Accessing your account, you can select “Billing”, and from there add or remove cards as needed. The system will automatically retry your subscription charge with whatever card is set to default. This happens every 12 hours, after 4 attempts over the course of a week it will fail completely. If you get to that point send us a message using the “Contact Us” and we will work with you to help fix the situation.
What if I don't own a credit card or I want to use a pre-paid visa card that does't have a name on it?
You can go to your local retailer and purchase a prepaid credit card. Stripe does allow the use of pre-paid credit cards. When asked for the name on the card, simply use your own name.
I see an international transaction fee on my bank statement, why?
Foundry Server is a Canadian company. So your bank is dealing with an out of country entity. Some banks charge a very small service fee to do out of country banking. There is nothing I can do. You would need to contact your bank for further explanation.
Can I get a refund?
Because we only charge a month at a time, we do not offer refunds. There is a trial period when you first signup to help you evaluate our service. If you cancel during that time you are never charged.
Who owns the rights to the data I upload?
The copyright stays with the creator of the artwork and content. You have access to the data at all times via the file manager or sFTP.
Am I allowed to upload copyrighted material?
Yes, only if you have permission from the author or it is your own creative material.
Do you allow the "Plutonium Module"?
No! The Plutionium module violates international copyright law and therefore is not permitted to be installed on
Can I have multiple servers with the same Foundry VTT license key?
When you first login to your game server, you are presented with an End User License Agreement. You must read and agree to that statement. That statement does NOT allow for multiple servers with the same key. This is a requirement of the Foundry VTT software.
Why can't I upgrade my foundry software from inside the program?
In a multi user platform we need to control the software versions in a centralized location. This reduces the required disk space needed by each user. This also frees up more disk space for your account. In this way we can roll out new versions and hot fixes as they come out in a more controlled and tested way. You can change what version of the software you run, from within your members area. Click on the link "Configure Server" and there you can choose what version you wish to run. Only Stable versions will be made available.
Can I use ftp to upload content?
Yes and no. You cannot use a standard ftp client to upload content but you can use sFTP. You can find all the configuration information in the knowledge base.
Does my home version of foundry automatically update the server version?
No. You must manually move the data from your home server to the remote server. There is no automated way to do this. You would use sFTP or the web based file manager to move your content between the two.
Why can’t I just request a backup and download it like we used to before?
The answer is complicated. The issue is some customers' data is in the 15-gigabyte range.  Have you ever tried to zip up 15 gigabytes of data on your home computer? It takes a great deal of horsepower and slows down the whole system.  This is what happens on the servers.  There is no way around this other than not to allow it.