Apr 26, 2021

Lots of fixes

Idle game shutdown
We have resolved this issue. We are watching it closely to make sure it doesn't shutdown server prematurely.
Special characters in passwords
This one had many issues, but I believe they are fixed. If you are having issues, please reset your password.
Email Verify
The email verify function had a bug and is now fixed.
Compendium Tutorial Video
There is a great video in the support area to show you how to create a compendium for foundry vtt.
Apr 09, 2021

3 hour shutdown issue.

Idle game shutdown
The process that shuts down games after 3 hours is not working. To help us save on resources could you please shut your game off when you are done? This only applies to Level 1 or beginner accounts.
Apr 09, 2021

Lots of changes!

Special characters in password
Ok so I found a major bug in the change password routine. It was not dealing with special characters in the password. This was a messy one, because we all know that we want to make our passwords hard and this is how we do it.
Plutonium Module
This module is breaking games. This module is not permitted on foundrysever for reasons of copyright infringement. Please remove it asap..
Mar 31, 2021

Foundry Server 1.5.15 Release

We have a new icon on the bottom left. When your game is available simply click on the glowing orange dice.
Spelling Mistake
Fixed a spelling mistake on the knowledge base page.
Discord Icon
Added the discord icon to the top nav bar to make it easy for people to find us.
Mar 23, 2021

Foundry Sever v 1.3.23

Added User roles
I have added user roles. So moderators and beta testers can have early access to development versions of Foundry Vtt.
New Foundry Version Deployment
I now can deploy new foundry versions in an automated way. Simply upload the zip file and push the deploy button.
Mar 22, 2021

Foundry Server v1.3.0

Domain Name
I fixed the routing so now will work along with