Acceptable Use & Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

By using the hosting services you agree to the following as conditions of your use of the services provided by Foundry Servers.

  1. The customer will not upload, distribute or use documents, files, artwork, programs, and/or audio for which you do not have expressed permission to or have creative rights to.
  2. The customer will not upload, distribute or use any creative material that is accepted by the general population as illegal and/or immoral.
  3. Foundry Server will reasonably do everything in its power to ensure a fast, reliable, stable platform.
  4. Foundry Servers relies heavily on cookies, the site can't function without them. Cookies must be enabled at all times.
  5. Foundry Server will not be held financially responsible for interruptions in service which are within or without of its control.
  6. Refund policy: As it is monthly subscription there will be no refund for cancelled hosting services, however changes in subscription levels will be prorated accordingly.
  7. Any data collected by Foundry Servers will not be shared with any outside entity without expressed consent of the customer. The only exception will be upon the request of a legal authority in the context of a criminal or civil investigation.
  8. The customer must have a valid software license key for Foundry VTT in order to use this hosting service. Any account without a valid license key after 30 days will be automatically closed and all data removed.
  9. Any account that has a duplicate Foundry VTT license key, will have the license key file removed. To re-enable the server you must supply a valid non duplicate license key.
  10. The customer will not use unregistered or unlicensed versions of the Foundry VTT software.
  11. The customer will agree to the EULA for Foundry VTT.
  12. The customer will not use fraudulent credit cards or payment systems to acquire goods and services from Foundry Servers.
  13. The customer will not willingly try to hack, attack, brute force or try to circumvent any and all security measures on the Foundry Server platform.
  14. Foundry Servers takes reasonable measures to protect your personal information. If in the event of a server breach, the customer will be notified as soon as reasonably possible of said breach. Foundry Servers will not be held liable for the use or miss use of that data now or in the future. We do not store un-encrypted passwords or payment information at any time.
  15. If Foundry Servers falls victim to a ransom ware attack we will NOT pay, and will wipe all servers clean and rebuild. It will be your responsibility to have current backups of your data.
  16. The customer will be responsible at all times to back up their content. Foundry Servers will not backup customer data and will have no facility to restore data in the event of a major server failure.
  17. The customer understands that Foundry Servers cannot provide support for the actual Foundry VTT software. That is the responsibility of Foundry VTT LLC. Please visit for support for all Foundry VTT software issues.
  18. A valid email must be on file at all times. Any account that does not have a validated email address will be removed after 5 days. Foundry Servers reserves the right to re-validate customers email.
  19. Upon discovery of a violation of any of the items listed in this document, the customers account will be either suspended or deleted without notice depending on the nature of the infraction at the sole discretion of Foundry Servers. No refund of hosting fees will be provided.
  20. Foundry Server reserves the right to change subscription pricing without notice at any time.
September 2020